Association Développement des Iles Comores
Présidente: Madame Anne Etter
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Association for Development in the Comores " ADIC "
Registered Charity no. 439 968 686 000 14

About ADIC...

A Humanitarian Association for the Development of the Comoro Islands

Created in 1999, its principal goals are:

Improvement of the living conditions of Comoros inhabitants and participation in the development of priority action in fields of Health, Education and in the Socio-cultural sphere.

The Comoro archipelago, situated in the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and East Africa, is composed of 4 islands of which three, Grand Comore, Anjouan and Moheli make up the Union of the Comores which obtained independence from France in 1975. Mayotte, the fourth island, remained a French territory.

The Comoros is a poor country which has faced a political crisis but the states are now in a phase of restructuring. The Comorian economy is little diversified and not very productive. The principal resource is agricultural exports which have diminished in recent years while imports have increased. The system functions due to cash crop exports, international aid and remittances/ grants from abroad, - private funding particularly from the Comorian diaspora in France, but these remittances are likely to diminish from the second generation of emigrants.

In the current context it remains difficult to attract investments. One of the overriding problems of the three islands is the large pool of unskilled and unemployed labour, approximately 50% comprised of the youth.
Now well on the road to political stability, the population is aware of the difficulties to be faced and knowing that with limited financial, technical and logistical means, it has to count upon international solidarity.

Principal goals reached since the creation of ADIC Various :

Principal current projects for 2008 in the Comoros :
Our partners : La Francophonie (Commonwealth of French Speaking countries), The French Embassy to the Comoros, The European Union, Total Elf, Géocéan, the Medico Lions Club of France, the General Council of Hauts de Seine, The Rotary club of Illinois, U.S.A., St Dominique and Sainte Marie high schools of Bourges
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